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Safe Water

The Lives We Impact

Our mission is simple: improve the water quality for those who do not have access to safe drinking water.  We work with missionaries, church groups, community leaders and other groups to affect this goal wherever that might take us.  When we improve the water quality we improve the quality of life.


The success of our ministry rests squarely on the shoulders of the men and women in the communities where we work.  We may provide the initial funding, technical support and installation, but the success of any of our safe water projects depend upon the dedication, resourcefulness, and perseverance  of our partners in country.

Jeaclin Norelia (Haiti) and Joselo Vargas (Ecuador) are two extraordinary individuals.  They love their people and work tirelessly to make safe water a priority.  They also understand the importance of safe water to the health of their families, friends, and communities.  This has now become their calling too.  We are indebted to our partners Jeaclin and Joselo. 

In the US, we are fortunate to have safe drinking water (absence of disease causing organisms and harmful chemicals). Many people around the world die every year because they do not have access to safe drinking water. We would like to change this.

We offer a number of services in addition to safe water systems:  water testing and validation.  We help communities form water committees and teach them how to operate/maintain the water system.  We train them in basic water hygiene and this summer we will be begin medical services.

safe drinking water for all

July 2019

Haiti Mission Trip - complete the 3-Village water project