Water-4-Nations - safe drinking water for all


Villagers of Barrio Los Pinos (in the Andes near Mt. Tungurahua) discussing their new water system with Johnny and Joselo
Who are we - We are scientists, engineers, teachers, chemists, microbiologists, and other volunteers with various backgrounds and skills. 

What do we do - We design, build, install, start-up, and maintain chlorine disinfection systems for safe drinking water. 

Why do we do this - We believe everyone on the globe should be afforded access to safe drinking water (John 4:14).

Where do we work - We work in the mountains and jungles of Ecuador, South America.  In 2015, we will begin operations in Zambia, Africa.

How do we do this - We partner with missionaries and other responsible groups already in country who have the capabilities to support our operations.

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